Web 3.0 Fundamentals Training Workshop

 The First Education Workshop in Jordan about Web 3.0 technology.

The 2-day intensive program, which will take place along with Jordan Web 3.0 Summit, features in-person training by top industry specialists. It is designed to provide you with a high-quality and easily digestible foundational knowledge of blockchain, crypto, NFTs, Metaverse, DApps, and other Web3 technology components – no matter if you’re just a curious beginner or a determined future professional.

12-13 March 2023 

InterContinental Hotel, Amman

Web3 Forum

Meet our

Veteran professionals of Web 3.0

Mr. KEY - Karnika E. Yashwant

Co-Founder at Forward Protocol

Mr. Pekka Kelkka

Blockchain and Cryptos advisor at top-notch Web3 projects

Mrs. Anita Kalergis

CEO at Ipsum Consulting

What Will
you learn?

Introduction to Web 3.0

  1. What is Web3? The concept behind Web 3.0
  2. Characteristics of Web 3.0
  3. Web 1, Web 2, and Web 3, how do they differ?
  4. Web3 benefits and use cases
  5. What comes after Web 3.0?

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Basics

  1. What is a blockchain? How does it work?
  2. What are digital tokens?
  3. What are smart contracts?
  4. What is a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others)?
  5. How blockchain and cryptocurrencies are related?
  6. What are digital wallets?
  7. Common misconceptions about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

NFTs and Metaverse Essentials

  1. What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?
  2. Where do NFTs exist?
  3. What are real-life use cases of NFTs?
  4. How to buy/sell NFTs?
  5. What is Metaverse?
  6. How Metaverse and Web3 are related?
  7. Where/how to experience Metaverse?
  8. how businesses and communities are making use of Metaverse?

Understanding Decentralized finance (Defi)

  1. What is Decentralized Finance (Defi)?
  2. Centralized Finance vs. Decentralized Finance
  3. How does Defi work? 
  4. What can you do with Defi?
  5. Uses and advantages of Defi
  6. Good examples of successful Defi projects
  7. What are DApps? and how can a business make use of it? 
  8. The future of Defi